work from home guidelines

After the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, It hardly hit the World economy as well, and due to this unemployment and laying off has been increased. Most of the employees are not able to work at the office or due to fear of Infection. Hence, many Organisations have asked their employees to work from home as per the pandemic situation and to maintain consistency in their production.  When we talk about work at home, It is an occasional, temporary, and exceptional type of work as well as it is pointed out that it is not possible to equate teleworking with work at home.

work from home guidelines

Therefore, it is necessary for the employer to take into account the following work from home guidelines related to working at home, in order to comply with its labor and Health and Safety at Work obligations:

  1. Make yourself a schedule with start time and end time. And it raises the necessary breaks between different activities. And above all, don’t mix scopes. Being working while you put the washing machine, or do the food is not productive. In the event that you have children, you can organize work-study times with them, childcare shifts with your partner, or take advantage of naps and early mornings.
  2. Keep order and cleanliness in the area where you are going to work. Leave on the table what you will need.
  3.  Stop procrastination and use the 5-minute rule. If you have to do something you don’t feel like, make yourself make the effort to wear 5 minutes.and after that you think whether you have to do it or not. This technique is surprisingly effective, since once the initial resistance is overcome, then the following is not so difficult. For example, think about doing sports, few people want to go to the gym or go running, but once you have started, the following is quite simple.
  4. Collaborators who are executing their activities in the form of work at home must perform the tasks that they normally perform in their usual role. However, in the case of performing different functions from those previously assigned, there must be a mutual agreement between employer and worker.
  5. You cannot unilaterally decrease wages, arguing that work activity is carried out from home.
  6. In order to guarantee respect for employees’ rights, employers should avoid (as far as possible) making requests outside of working hours, this includes weekends and days off.
  7. Employees must be guaranteed periods of breastfeeding during their working hours, Hence it is a Human right and should be followed as per the Human and Work Rights.
  8.  During the development of activities at home, the disciplinary process established by the company will remain in force.
  9. To the activities carried out in the modality of working at home or remotely, the provisions relative to the maximum permitted working day should be applied.
  10. If the employer requests activities during a workday longer than that developed in the work at a home modality, the payment of overtime and surcharges for Sunday and holiday work must be made.
  11. It must be guaranteed that the tasks entrusted to the collaborator obey the usual load of activities, avoiding additional overloads. However, in the event of contingencies in the service, employees must attend to them, in order to avoid further harm to their employer.
  12.  Promote spaces that allow employees to take active breaks during their workday.
  13. Guarantee that the hours of work per day are distributed over two periods of time, with a rest interval adapted to the type of work at home, which will not be calculated in the daily workday. However, by mutual agreement between employer and worker, it can be accumulated at lunchtime, in order to facilitate the preparation of food and the development of family and personal life.
  14. employees who hold leadership, trust, and management positions Should be excluded from the regulation regarding the maximum legal working day.
  15. Emails and messages via WhatsApp must be evacuated as a priority within the working day, in order to guarantee respect for personal life and the rest areas to which employees are entitled.
  16. The work at home modality should be included in the company’s hazard identification and risk assessment methodology, as well as in the annual work plan of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  17. Find the right place. It is preferable to choose a space away from televisions and traffic areas to avoid interruptions and distractions, with good lighting and with furniture suitable for working for several hours. 
  18.  Monitor the health status of its employees and recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission, according to the guidelines issued by the National and Local Government.
  19.  Socialize the communication mechanisms to the employees, such as emails and telephone lines where they can make the respective report regarding any novelty in the performance of work at home.
  20. The Law Firm which works for Labour rights must generate channels that allow employees to report complaints.
  21. Make sure you have Backup copies. In the event of disasters or ransomware infections, it is important to have a plan B. In many cases, having important information stored on a hard disk can save all work for a long time.
  22. Order is essential, especially if possible to work from home. The incorporation of elements that allow the safekeeping and classification of the material in a simple and invisible way is a key element in all home office environments.
  23. The area enabled for work should be separated from the rest of the home. Either by a door or by using sound-absorbing panels that manage to isolate this work area and promote concentration, even when it occurs in spontaneous moments of bustle in the family home.
  24. Finally, it is important not to lose the relationship with colleagues. We must try to maintain the relationship between employees. The trend is the creation of videoconference formats between colleagues, as it is a way to avoid loneliness, thus enhancing interrelation and happiness.

Finally, it is appropriate to point out that employees must comply with the work from home guidelines of the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System from their homes, ensuring their self-care, in addition to providing clear, truthful, and complete information to their employer regarding your state of health.

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